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Are you tired of over-crowded, noisy gyms with disinterested trainers? Maybe it’s time to consider a more personal approach to your fitness routine: Epic Fitness – located on Bainbridge Island – is owned and operated by Emily Conard, an ACE certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach. Emily trains people of all ability levels in an intimate environment, and strives to make each session fun and effective. She also works with clients to achieve maximum health outside of the gym with nutrition and lifestyle coaching. No gym membership is required, so the cost of a dedicated personal trainer may be less than you expect.

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Personal Training

Dedicated personal training in a private fitness studio.  A standard training session is 55 minutes, tailored to your specific ability.  You can also round up 1-3 of your friends to bond, burn calories, build muscle, and save a bundle

Group Classes

Full-body, high-intensity circuit training that includes speed and agility drills, body weight movements, plus dumbbell, kettlebell, and TRX Suspension training.  This class will rev your metabolism and keep you burning fat for hours.

Health and Nutrition Coaching

Healthy eating and lifestyle choices are as important as exercise.  Let me help you with sound nutrition guidance.

About Emily

I am a health food addict, a fitness junky, an athlete, an avid gardener, an engineer, and a mother. My career as a personal trainer and health coach is informed by my love of movement, strength, and vitality. I want every person to feel powerful in his or her skin, free of pain and body shame. I have experience with rehabilitating a variety of injuries, c-section recovery, diastasis recti repair, eating disorders, numerous food allergies, weight loss, and chronic pain. An understanding of these challenges has given me a high degree of sensitivity to the needs, limits, and personal goals of others.

My Philosophy

I believe that exercise should not be a painstaking chore. It should be an empowering and enjoyable experience with a positive outcome – an energizing practice that keeps you coming back for more.

As a trainer I create programs that incorporate functional full-body movements, cultivate flexibility and balance, develop core strength and stability, and make an individual feel powerful and independent. I also endeavor to help my clients achieve a level of mindfulness and awareness that fosters appreciation of their unique body and its capabilities.

As a health coach I partner with clients to develop strategies that enact real, sustainable, lasting lifestyle changes. I assist clients with many areas of their lives including, but not limited to, weight management, digestion, cravings, sleep, energy, relationships, and stress management.

Whether you are trying to lose weight, train for an event, regain strength after having a child, find balance in your life, or retain independence as you age, I can help you achieve your goals and have fun while doing so.


What some of my clients are saying

Emily has encouraged me to think of exercise as movement in all its forms, whether it’s on an elliptical, running, gardening, or simply walking instead of driving. Because of Emily, I am stronger, more flexible, and have better balance.   [read more]
Casey Decker

Emily works on a very individual basis in regards to working out.  She listens to feedback and adjusts the workout accordingly. She always has interesting warm-ups, exercises and stretches so that you don’t get in a rut with your routine and–more importantly–so that you don’t hurt yourself.    [read more]
Jennifer Lawson

I’ve been working with Emily for several months now and continue to be impressed by her bio-mechanical, anatomical, and nutritional knowledge, the intensity and variety in her exercise routines, and her positive, enjoyable attitude.  [read more]
Steve Rogers